Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter 2012 - 2013 Reads

i did try to read non-trash.  i'll admit, it's hard after a long week or over vacation to focus on something that requires coherent thought.  i've become accustomed to the fast read, so things that take a bit longer are sometimes tiresome. Like The Thornbirds.  Wonderful book, but darn if i tend to lose interest after one of Meggie's adventures.  i'm on the third library renewal, and don't think i'll get it finished by then.  i'm hoping a break of B&B trash i discovered via our online library (hey! shout out to the Frisco Public Library for really growing their online resources in the last year or so -- nicely done.) will encourage me to pick it up again. 



In reviewing these titles, it occurs to me that i did a terrible job uping my reading level. *sigh* Giving it another go in the Spring.  I have CS Lewis and Malcom Gladwell on the list.  Perhaps that will redeem me.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Buffy, oh Buffy.  What a dramatic season!  You did more crying and soul-searching than vampire-staking in season 5.  Man, sucks to grow up, huh?

- Met Dracula -- that was cool
- Lost Riley
- Learned about Dawn not being your sister
- Were repulsed by Spike's crush on you
- Fought a few trolls
- Lost your Mom
- Fought errant knights from a winnebego
- Hurled to your death in a big ball of energy

Hey, Buff, it's been a long year.

From meeting Dracula... hurling to your death.

Thank you for an exciting and heartfelt year.  I hope you're of sound mind and body after they resurrect you in Season 6 *shudder*.

Stop the press!  New tune from my favorite -- Depeche Mode:

Staying true to their dark, brooding, suffering-filled, beloved-by-the-goths, soulful style.  Love it.  New album releases later this month. *slue*

Bestie, US tour dates coming soon... of course, we'll have to go!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Tara," i asked, "how would you feel about a little culture to kick-off the new year?"
"Sure," she readily replied.  She's such a good sport.
"Well, it's a Led Zeppelin cover band playing at The House of Blues."  i cringed a little as i typed my response, thinking she might laugh at me.
"I'd love to go!" she replied.  Such a good friend!
So i eagerly purchased tickets, and they've been pinned to my bulletin board since November.  Tonight i stuff them in my teensy cross-over purse with a few essentials, and pick Tara up for a trek downtown to The House.

i had no idea what to expect at a Led Zeppelin 2 concert.  Yes!  i love Led Zeppelin, but hadn't even looked up footage to see past concerts.  Oh sure, i've seen Dread Zepplin live.  But nothing really compares to that experience.

The Dallas HOB venue is a good one and we had pretty good seats in the balcony.  No "standing room only" for us... too old.  And all the geezers had the same idea.  But lemme tell ya.  Some of these old geezers could rock!  There was head-bangin' geezer with his silver bouffant standing up and rockin' out during all the important riffy moments.  We spotted youthful, but chubby, geezer lady in the mid-section standing up and rockin' out with whoever would throw dance moves her way.  On the far right, there was at one time high (if not tonight), geezer lady with long blond (Robert Plant-esque) hair swaying without rhythm to every song.  Then there were the 40ish-year old gents who were just gonna rock out cuz Led Zep, well, rocks.

The concert was great!  Loud, full of all the Led Zeppelin greats, Robert Plant hip-shakin and geezers who couldn't sit still without getting up for a beer or to head to the bathroom before buying another beer every other song.  It's maybe the most fun i've had since visiting Disney World last summer.  Definitely a tick on the happiness meter - loved experiencing something new and enjoying it immensely.

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on."
- Stairway to Heaven

"Huh? What?  Can't hear you.  My ears are closed up tight from all those long guitar solos."
"Oh, sorry.  Didn't mean to shout."

Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Oh ma gah, Buffy."

You've had a busy year as a college freshman in Season 4:
-  Riley is in, Angel is out.
-  You contended with an evil government organization, The Initiative, and a demonic Frankenstein cyborg named Adam.
-  Spike is back and made me laugh more than once.  Though i don't really care for where his character has gone.  i liked him more on the macho side.
-  Riley is cute and kinda humble.
- And oh, how i mourned when Oz left (well, more like teared up and had to sit down to finish the episode during a cooking fiesta).  Oz was one of my fave characters.
- The last episode was perplexing and extraneous.
- Enjoyed the episodes that were different, like "Hush," where no one could speak on account of The freaky Gentlemen.

Ready to see where Season 5 takes the Scooby Gang!
Ass boil.  i have one.  No, i'm not kidding.  *facepalm*

i've had a nasty sore on my bum since late summer.  i hate going to the doctor and like to think the body will mend itself if i take care of it, apply ointment, take extra garlic, et al.  Apparently this boil is tenacious and popped back out last week.  i'm thinking all this time it's a spider bite or something.  Because really, a BOIL!  That's just gross!

Friday night i show it to Mom (while i was visiting with the fam as they babysat Parker -- who i might add is adorable!), who promptly tells Dad, asking what brown recluse bites look like.  "Well, the acid eats the skin and it never grows back."  Thanks Dad.  i was properly freaked.  No more encyclopedia reading or nature shows for you.

But, mine didn't seem that bad, so i calmed myself and checked in online for CareNow.  Being that i hate going to the doctor, doc-in-a-box is a good business model.  i go when i need to and do the waiting for the doc at home.

In the examination room the poor nurse is asking me where the "bite" is and i point to my bum. What a priceless gift -- flustered nurses.  She pulls out a pair of paper shorts.  Oh goodie, i'm thinking.  After consulting with the doctor, i indeed will have to put on the paper shorts -- but... they are pretty tight for my set of thunder thighs (i like to think that comic book heroines also have awesome sets of thunder thighs).  So, of course she has a solution and slits them up the side. Thank goodness they were showing Elf on the TV in the exam room (cool, i know!), so i let myself be distracted from the humiliation.  And, seeing their discomfort made it all rather amusing.

Apparently i'd done a good job clearing it out the night before.  The doc was like, "how did you get it so clear?"
i replied, "I squeezed the heck out of it."
"Ew," he said.
Well, how else you gonna do it?  Please don't imagine it...  it's not a pretty picture.

i'm somewhat happy to report that i'm loaded up with antibiotics and warm compresses.  Yes, thanks for caring, it's healing up nicely.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is it about Fall that drew me to a few (but just a few) more intelligent reads?  Oh, yeah, had to stop the brain melt from so much trash last season.

i'm also proud to say that i checked out two bits of mind"less" reading from the library before the holiday began, sampled both, and declared them too dumb to even finish chapter one.  So i started Asimov's Foundation instead.  Slow start, picking up steam.  i'll be pleased to add that classic to my Winter list.  i'm trying to be interested in the stash i've been collecting for some time -- read it or pass it along or maybe both.