Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Oh ma gah, Buffy."

You've had a busy year as a college freshman in Season 4:
-  Riley is in, Angel is out.
-  You contended with an evil government organization, The Initiative, and a demonic Frankenstein cyborg named Adam.
-  Spike is back and made me laugh more than once.  Though i don't really care for where his character has gone.  i liked him more on the macho side.
-  Riley is cute and kinda humble.
- And oh, how i mourned when Oz left (well, more like teared up and had to sit down to finish the episode during a cooking fiesta).  Oz was one of my fave characters.
- The last episode was perplexing and extraneous.
- Enjoyed the episodes that were different, like "Hush," where no one could speak on account of The freaky Gentlemen.

Ready to see where Season 5 takes the Scooby Gang!

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