Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Tara," i asked, "how would you feel about a little culture to kick-off the new year?"
"Sure," she readily replied.  She's such a good sport.
"Well, it's a Led Zeppelin cover band playing at The House of Blues."  i cringed a little as i typed my response, thinking she might laugh at me.
"I'd love to go!" she replied.  Such a good friend!
So i eagerly purchased tickets, and they've been pinned to my bulletin board since November.  Tonight i stuff them in my teensy cross-over purse with a few essentials, and pick Tara up for a trek downtown to The House.

i had no idea what to expect at a Led Zeppelin 2 concert.  Yes!  i love Led Zeppelin, but hadn't even looked up footage to see past concerts.  Oh sure, i've seen Dread Zepplin live.  But nothing really compares to that experience.

The Dallas HOB venue is a good one and we had pretty good seats in the balcony.  No "standing room only" for us... too old.  And all the geezers had the same idea.  But lemme tell ya.  Some of these old geezers could rock!  There was head-bangin' geezer with his silver bouffant standing up and rockin' out during all the important riffy moments.  We spotted youthful, but chubby, geezer lady in the mid-section standing up and rockin' out with whoever would throw dance moves her way.  On the far right, there was at one time high (if not tonight), geezer lady with long blond (Robert Plant-esque) hair swaying without rhythm to every song.  Then there were the 40ish-year old gents who were just gonna rock out cuz Led Zep, well, rocks.

The concert was great!  Loud, full of all the Led Zeppelin greats, Robert Plant hip-shakin and geezers who couldn't sit still without getting up for a beer or to head to the bathroom before buying another beer every other song.  It's maybe the most fun i've had since visiting Disney World last summer.  Definitely a tick on the happiness meter - loved experiencing something new and enjoying it immensely.

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on."
- Stairway to Heaven

"Huh? What?  Can't hear you.  My ears are closed up tight from all those long guitar solos."
"Oh, sorry.  Didn't mean to shout."

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