Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter 2012 - 2013 Reads

i did try to read non-trash.  i'll admit, it's hard after a long week or over vacation to focus on something that requires coherent thought.  i've become accustomed to the fast read, so things that take a bit longer are sometimes tiresome. Like The Thornbirds.  Wonderful book, but darn if i tend to lose interest after one of Meggie's adventures.  i'm on the third library renewal, and don't think i'll get it finished by then.  i'm hoping a break of B&B trash i discovered via our online library (hey! shout out to the Frisco Public Library for really growing their online resources in the last year or so -- nicely done.) will encourage me to pick it up again. 



In reviewing these titles, it occurs to me that i did a terrible job uping my reading level. *sigh* Giving it another go in the Spring.  I have CS Lewis and Malcom Gladwell on the list.  Perhaps that will redeem me.

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