Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Such a good, good day. Spent the day with my class of 17 hi-pos "sharing their spirit" with Shared Housing, a non-profit in Dallas that provides shelter for women and their kids, and provides them with the training, counseling and hopefully, self appreciation to make it on their own. Today, the group replaced flooring, painted the counseling center, hemmed and hung drapery, hung a new light fixture, painted a mural, *gasp for breath* installed new appliances and fixed up a kitchen in the span of about 9 hours. Inspiring! It's a full feeling to arrive home after such a day -- it's also a humbling one... so blessed to be where i am in life and have what i do *head bowed, hands clasped to praise the Big Guy*.

We partnered with Home Depot, who sent folks who were also in the midst of a leadership development program. So cool. Got to trade some thoughts about our different programs, and hope to be reaching out to share more and perhaps partner next year when we go back to Shared Housing.

After showering off the bits of spackle and mulch stuck vigorously to my fingers and knees and a few minutes of the droppsies, i decided a meal is in order... a tasty home cooked meal (veeegan, of course) -- creamy tomato fettucini -- which required the use of a food processor and some chopping and crushing. Accompanied by a spinach salad with cucumber and toasted pumpkin seeds, i impress myself sometimes. Uh no, i wasn't accompanied by salad, the fettucini was. "Crocker, move yer arse on over. Endicott's in da house!"

Also, cool site to explore: 1000 Awesome Things. Enjoy!

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