Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's been a really (really, really, really) lazy Saturday. Which one on hand is good, cuz it helps me rejuv for next week, but on the other i hate not being productive. So, i have a love/hate relationship with lazy Saturdays.

I also have a love/hate relationship with my WOW account. Love to play, hate that it's a time drain -- cuz even though it's just a game, it so appeals to my need for achievement. Today, i achieved a gear score of 5024 and spell power of 2489. Now, that's not too shabby for a "casual" WOW'er. So, i'm torn - be excited about being a decent player or mock myself for working hard at improving my dps capabilities for a game. Hmmm....

As i was reading up on how to improve my overall leet-ness (yes, it's imperative that you study up to learn from the uber leet players, who apparently do this kind of thing for a living... at least i hope it's not 100% spare time). So here's the link. It was both alarming and satisfactory that i could totally follow the guy and used his directions to improve my stats.

It's truly a day of dichotomies.

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