Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4, 2010!

For some reason, i thought there would be firework extravaganzas today -- on the actual day of Independence for this great nation -- so i had my plan working to watch the shows after a fine dinner with the fam. However, i'm supposing a show on Sunday would be far out of schedule for Saturday suburbia, as i'm sure at least 3 people have to work on Monday,... so i missed the shows *hand raised in frustration.* i do love a mighty fireworks show.

Instead, today, i got my Martha Stewart on. Fought the grocery store crowds, used coupons, baked beautiful oatmeal bread, brownie bites, tossed a tasty salad with homemade herby viniagrette, blogged about it, and the day's not done... may get a little crafty.

Here's a pic of the beautiful bread after a taste test. i can verify - delish.

Also, adding to the list of completed Library E endeavors (but not about the list of books to read before i die, cuz sheesh, gotta take a break from depressing):
  • Medalon by Jennifer Fallon -- really enjoy her stuff. quickly engaging, political enough, pretty good character and plot development; lovely for a good fantasy read without those characters who suck you in and make you think about them for days.
  • Master of Surrender -- trashy romance just like all the others, but how can you not appreciate reading 384 pages over several hours, and enjoying the wonderful frenzy of love-hate going on when the wench falls for the invader who killed her father out of mercy *hoot*. Hey - it was free eye candy at the library when i picked up the sequel to Medalon. i do, however, have a bone to pick with the cover art pickers... at least make the hair color of the cover model match the color of the hero's do... details people.

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