Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today, Friends, was a good day! Tara and i, despite being bone weary from a super busy couple of weeks at our respective places of business, got up early (ok, 8am is early on a Saturday), and ventured to Arlington (hidee ho big, giant monument to Jerry that's visible from miles around!) for the Great American Scrapbook Convention. Yes, a veritable scrapbooker's paradise -- thousands of square feet of booths of vendors selling every kind of scrapbook sticker, paper, glittered embellishment and glue imaginable. And women--soooo many women, in one building, vying for the same 2 foot space in front of a paper display of discounted, but outdated wares. But hey, i can shove and shimmy with the best of them.

So, in the effort to document all our exciting adventures this year, we asked one of the "security" type ladies who were busy (sitting) ensuring only paying customers entered the venue (i mean, really, they gonna body slam a mighty group of corn-fed heffers trying to get into the convention without paying the $10 entry fee? Don't think so.) to take our picture under the entry sign. Here's how it turned out...

fine if we print it teensy... oh well....

And what loot did i bring home? Well, well, well... not nearly as much as i desired (but while whiney about our new budget, i'm proud i was able to restrain myself). i mean, who really needs that very vintage, very cool new paper set and matching journaling tabs that would have made a most creative little bound book *sniff, sniff*?

Nonetheless, i brought home some very cool stuff, and have already started using some of it. Deelightful!

Thanks, Tar! Had a great time.

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