Tuesday, May 4, 2010

H to the E to the Y! Heyyyy...

Next installment to Library E:
i wish i could report that i've finished John Irving's fine book, Prayer for Owen Meany (which is great!), but... with all the trashy books abounding, wait for it... free... at the library -BAM!-, really, who has time for the classics. Owen Meany (WHO TALKS IN ALL CAPS) is a new favorite character. Owen's story on the other hand, is a little harde
r to get through in a read til 2am cuz i just have to find out
what happens kind of timeframe. So, rather than making progress on the 1001+ books i should read before i die list, i'm making tremendous progress on the way trashy, this stuff will rot your brain, list of books that lonely women (though i'm not) read as they pine away for the crazy hot love life they wish they had (vampires optional) - YES, PLEASE!. So, do you get my drift? i've been enthralled (enthralled meaning i think about the silly characters of this series i'm reading alot - or as Owen would say "ALOT"). And i can't even report that i'm learning anything historical from this series, which i can sometimes claim from the historical romances i find myself trapped (i've fallen and i can't get up trapped) in at times.

Let me share with you the cover of one of the fine books i've been devouring like chips and salsa... i mean really, how can this book not be phe-nom-i-nal? The man on the cover is beautiful (but likely gay), his tat is sexy, and yes, i too would like to be avenged! We women - we're suckers - or at least this woman is. So, as a sucker for media of all sorts about vampires, i decided i should try this one out for some mindless r&r. To use a new phrase i learned from my BFF's family "well, good (pronounced gud)." Cuz now i've got to read every single book in the series. *hangs head pathetically* i even looked for the companion guide that they publish for sad folks (ok, women) like myself who like to study mythical characters without value in depth (for free, at the library, people!).

So we'll see what Mel (sister) says about it. If it's too trashy and without moral value for her, then sheesh - i've hit a new low. She watches True Blood after all (pays for HBO just to watch it). So if she's disturbed by the series then i'm doomed.

Now i'm rambling. So to the book review. If you like trashy, depraved books about vampires (who are a lusty sort), then i'll recommend this one to you, my friend. If you prefer things a little cleaner and full of sweet love, these books are not for you. There are plot bits intertwined throughout the series, and the characters are interesting. I can see why women like them -- each one is about a tough guy who stares adoringly at his mate who he's fought to recover from the goons. But, i don't think this series about the "Brotherhood of the Black Daggers" (*chuckle* love it!) will end up on the list of books to read before you die, nor on Oprah's Reading List.

Got to go now to start a new one in the series...

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