Friday, April 23, 2010

We're back! Back from a few days of exploring in the trail-ready Jeep and "roughing it" in a luxurious (so they said and priced it at, but not really) cabin in the backwoods of eastern Oklahoma.

And today, i'm kinda worn out... worn out from bouncing around as we wove our way through the mountains on back trails of rock and dirt; of huddling in my seat as the cold wind whips around us due to the lack of doors or roof on the vehicle (yes, Ladies, i am so a certified adventurer! Ask me why i'm really a certified adventurer over dinner.). 30 miles was never so long as it is when you're racing down a mountain highway without doors or a roof. And trust me, heat doesn't really work without doors on your car.

But it was FUN! Fun to be out in the fresh air, smelling the wildflowers, listening to the birds and trekking around on God's green earth. i'm both happy and sad to report that we did not encounter Big Foot... (at least, i'm choosing to think that it was not him crunching around outside our cabin on our first night in the piney woods) although we could have stopped for an icy, cold Big Foot Brew down the highway from our cabin.

We even encountered the Banjo Brothers (so i'm calling them, due to lack of shirts, choice of muddy pick-up truck, stopping along a dirt road where we hadn't encountered a soul for at least 1.5 hours and the large tree limbs in the bed of their truck - "Maybe they were picking up firewood," Hubbie offers. "Right, a really large campfire." ) as we were exploring a quaint stream, angling for a few pictures. We'd left the Jeep (locked of course--we are city dwellers) off the side of the "road" and hiked back a short ways into a campsite and on to a trail near the creek. We're hopping from rock to rock to get a good shot and we hear car doors shut. We both pause, look at each other and double-time our rock hopping back to land. We turn a corner and get a shot of the Banjo Brothers. "Put your camera away," Hubbie says in a hushed voice. Yep, on it. We slow down and they get back in their truck to pull off. Whew. Like heroes, we stay back from the road until they wind away down the track. We motivate it to the Jeep and take off. Well now... that was quite an adventure. Wouldn't have felt so much so, cuz we'd left every communication device we'd brought with us in the Jeep on the dash. Not like we were getting service, but really... smart cookies we are. Seriously though, the odds of running into anyone along that track was minute... except for those Banjo Brothers lookin' for campfire wood. Uh-huh.

One plus of a few days away: home is so refreshing. So much so, that i'm having trouble getting motivated to use my time off wisely. Just took a walk, but the couch is calling my name...

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