Sunday, May 16, 2010

So pleased to present the first 2 pages of my 2010 scrapbook album.
Hosted a little scrappy get-together last night that was great fun and surprisingly productive. And yes, it's May and i'm justing getting started on 2010... but hey, i'm hopeful that i'll get this one done before May 2011. And maybeeee even catch up on 2007's album... but let's not stretch expectations. i'm firmly living in an "under promise, over achieve" philosophy.

Library E
Also, i've finally finished A Prayer for Owen Meany this afternoon. Such a great literary concoction. It reminds me that literary works are worth the time and that trash really is trash. Doesn't mean it's not good for something... but never be confused with a book that gets you thinking and expands the mind versus one that can be read in an evening. I admit, i've just wiped away a few tears for dear 'ol Owen. I think i'm going to miss him.

But moving on to the next book on the 1,001+ list... reporting back soon on which literary work will next expand this teensy brain of mine.

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