Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why is Rod Stewart's vintage music good for scrapbooking (especially You're Insane)? Yeah, no idea, but it's what's on and gets my foot to tapping and my head to bobbing. Blame it on Mom and her love of rock n' roll.

Finally felt in the mood to be scrappy again this evening. Finishing my 2009 album has been hanging over my head like an overdue, over budget work project. Can't claim to have finished a ton of layouts (in spite of them being only a tad bigger than 5x7" pages), but... got pictures printed, 2 layouts completed and have a few creative ideas. Felt like the scrapbooking gnome had packed up her rolling craft cases, glue dots, scallop-edged scissors, and moved on.

Been noodling my 2010 album, and hoping to get started on it next weekend if the girlz end up getting together to scrapbook. Elizabeth Kratchner's delightful scrapbooking style has been inspirational lately. So want to create fluttery butterflies and sweet florals on my 2010 pages. We'll see if i can actually channel that girliness.

Library E post:
Finished Edith Warton's Age of Innocence a while back. Really liked it. And such a good conclusion to a tense social and romantic dilemma. Started A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. Like it, too, but slow going thus far.

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