Thursday, March 4, 2010

Girlz!!!! Hubbie and i watched Whip It this evening. So, so funny. i think i'm going to start loving roller derby. For me that's more like roley derby, as they would just be rolling me around the rink, but gosh! how Fun with a capital F! Maybe i wouldn't have so many hormonal days if i roley derbied it! (Drew Barrymore is also a fav, so it's easy to like her stuff.)

So, hmmm.... new ambition in life? dunno... have to learn to skate first, i mean really skate... no hokey pokey at the skating rink, girls. Or... need to take the advice of one of my fav new sites: the Happiness Project. Here's the revolutionary thought i came across as i was researching for a class i'm writing on getting comfortable with your (well, it's the general, inclusive "your," but yes, that includes you!) leadership style (because Friends, we are all leaders in some way or another). (Am i beginning to sound like a Quaker with the use of so many "Friends" in my posts?): Accepting who i am and what i like and don't like, also means coming to terms with the fact that there are things i will never do, adventures i will never seek, because i don't want to. For someone who hates to limit the possibilities and actually commit to a course of action (such as the Yoga classes i've been heartfully considering, but keep forgetting to check on), this is a great, deep sadness. My new Friend Gretchen Rubin (the Happiness Project author) also laments this in one of her paradoxes of happiness. Sadness indeed... i'll have to ponder this one further before i give up roley derby entirely. Maybe i could be a mascot?

ALERT!!! New Library E post:
I've finished my first book on the Kindle.... Reading on the Kindle is marvy! i would like to share that my first download was one of the books on my must read list, but no. And, no, not proud of the fact that it was a good, ol' fashioned trashy romance. i decided to kick it old school with what i hopped was a new classic from Iris Johansen, called The Treasure. It was not a classic, nor should it have been read. Her early historical romances where lusty, yes, very naughty, yes, but decent on the character interest and writing. This one was bad - even the naughty scenes were severly lacking... not up to her past standards. Perhaps she's taken on a very bad protege. Most paragraphs where one line and the characters were awful. So did i pitch it and get back to my Edith Warton classic, Age of Innocence? Which by the way, i was delighted to find wonderfully engaging. i can see why it's a classic on the list of must reads. Umm, no, i finished it, and cannot claim to be a better individual for it. Also, a sadness.

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Joe LeDuc said...

for the last 4 years, roller derby has been my favorite pasttime. Houston Roller Derby's season starts in 2 weeks, & i've got my season tickets. if you're interested, check out "hell on wheels", the documentary about its resurgence in Austin - AWEsome!