Friday, January 15, 2010

Have you seen the new sales strategy that i'm sure is going to wipe out those poor folks who stand out by the road holding a sign pointing out a particular housing subdivision or apartment complex? Advertisements pulled by a bicycle. Saw one today. i'm certain it's the new wave in advertising.

This guy was pedaling back and forth along a strip of sidewalk, maybe a block long, pulling a teetering sign mounted on some sort of trailer. AND he was pedaling around another guy holding one of those signs, who was shakin' his sign with gusto... because that one special twirl is going to make the string of us hurdling along NW Hwy stop in and take a look.

i especially love to inspect the sign holders who are all set up with a cooler and ipod while they hold the sign. "Let's make a day of it, kids!"

Alarm beeps loudly at 7am. "Honey, wake up. You can't be late again! People will be on the road by 8am. They NEED to see your sign!"

Apartments must make money or they wouldn't pay someone to hold the sign. Wonder if they have a sign holder inspector who drives by periodically to ensure the sign holder isn't sitting down on the job or better yet, to ensure s/he is dancing with the sign. Hmmm... that would be an interesting difficult conversation. "I'm gonna need you to spin that sign with a bit more flair... spin it like you mean it!"

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