Monday, January 11, 2010

i know, let's not get excited... two posts in one day... really, please contain yourself.

Wanted to launch something new this year... Library E: a list / review of sorts on the books i finish throughout the year. If you've spent much time with me at all, you know that i looooooove reading. TV is not the bomb. That would be the many places you visit in the bookverse (and no, still don't like snuggies when i'm reading).

So, here goes...

Finished up the last two books in Jennifer Fallon's Second Sons series over the holiday. No wizards or fairies, but a good number of swords, cavalry and a sprinkling of pirates. Enjoyed getting to know the characters and how they dealt with their trials. Good books keep you glued because you can't wait to see how the plot unfolds. Enjoyed that about these books (a bit predictable, but fun) .

Started on business books next... just not as interesting as a fabulously wicked rogue wizard or two! Even a vampire would do.

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