Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On a new kick these days (i know, they come and go.): 8 Weeks to Optimal Health *yes, please!* Always been fascinated by Dr. Andrew Weil, so picked up the audio disc of his book at the library to listen to as i drive back and forth to work (tired of wasting 2 hours each day zoning out... not a bad thing really, just wanted to squeeze something beneficial/useful into that time... we musn't be wasteful!).

So far, he has charged me to eat fresh broccoli at least once this week - check. Eat fish (yuck, so not gonna happen - i mean, sardines, really? Those can't be healthy!) - so he sagely suggested flax seeds instead. Good choice, Dr - check. Really, he should read Skinny Bitch! Walking 10 minutes a day - check. Breathing exercise - soon to be check. Buy flowers to delight the senses and enjoy in general - check. Stop eating and throw out bad oils, keep olive oil and expeller-pressed canola oil (that means it's not been hydrogenated) - check (mostly - pretty sure those Doubletree cookies forced on me today contained oil/margarine/tasty butter, not to mention eggs, which to my alter-ego are definitely taboo). So far, so good (mostly).

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