Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friends, Friscoians/Planoians/Dallasites/Whatever, Countrywomen... *sigh* no new stories to thrill you with... just can't seem to come up with much these days. *booooring*

Blame it on Tara... she's been working like a dog and got sick as a dog with the flu (dunno if it was the swine that gave it to her... she didn't oink when we talked on the phone). Haven't gotten one of those, "Hey Bon, want to go see Celine Dion or Cirque du Soleil?" calls. I mean, where's the adventure when you're not watching a performance, of which you know like one song, in a thunderstorm?

So maybe I should ask "Hey Tar, wanna see Wolfmother at House of Blues later this month?"
"Hmmm... do they howl?" she asks politely?

But, i did read a super funny post on Jen Lancaster's blog. Just love her. And discovering scrapbook artist Liz Kartchner. Trendy, free styles - and really how can she and her crew look so perfect in all the pictures (but i won't hold that against her, too much anyways... oh yeah, don't be arrogant... didn't i just blog about that).

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