Sunday, October 11, 2009

Domesticity... can be a great thing! Love making progress on my list of house projects (which is titled "Q1 2009 Projects" and posted on our fridge). Note: it's October 2009 (not Q1) and not even half are checked off. *sigh*

But we may be hosting a holiday party -- just imagine Hubbie's excitement *guffaw*. So, i'm motivated to make progress and dress up the digs a bit. Finished covering a cedar chest this afternoon and have plans for strategic errands this week. As a procrastinator - shocked, i know - deadlines are great things.

i'm also proud to note that we ate all meals at home this weekend. Yes, i cooked - even on Friday night! Minestrone soup that we both heart. Making Betty proud!

Just so, this will be the new Betty picture for 2009.

Oh, and Tara, BFF, MISS YOU!

Good week to all!

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