Monday, July 13, 2009

So Hubbie has decided to begin a new diet and fitness routine. Hit the grocery store yesterday, not once, but three times! to get all the needed ingredients for breakfast and lunch -- yeah, just breakfast and lunch. And he bought the biggest lunch box i've ever encountered. i was sure work buddies would mock him, but no. "You're the only one who thinks my lunch box is extreme." Yah, whatever...

*snicker* He had to venture out to the grocery store tonight for dinner, too. i worked late and walked in to the savory smell of veggie soup *yummy*. Poor guy was droopy. "Cooking sucks," he said vehemently. "You just now getting to dinner?" "No, had salmon and rice." "So what's with the soup?" "Yeah, was supposed to have that too." Seriously, you eating like a horse?

All in all, super proud of him for making a valiant effort. He'll feel better for it, so encouragement will i be.

On a separate note, did you celebrate "embrace your inner geekiness day" today? Seriously, have, you should. Where do you think movies like The Matrix and Star Wars come from? Definitely not folks embracing their inner boring! So today i celebrated by wearing my purple Darth Vadar shirt -- uh, over my training uniform and i took it off before lunch with an EVP. :) Gotta know when to stuff that geek way down!

Go forth and prosper, my fine friends!

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