Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Today is also a day of auto liberation. Our sad, 10-year old truck has moved on to its next owners (hoping they aren't employed in the scrap yard) and Hubbie is now the proud owner of a brand spankin new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon *ooooo*. He's so excited! And it's pretty fun! Admit though that it was sad leaving our truck sitting in the lot looking so very forlorn *sniff*.

Butttt..... like i said new Jeep is fun! We took the top off and parked out to watch the fab fireworks. Love fireworks! Hate waiting! Our quaint city decided 10:10pm was the perfect time to launch the extravaganza extraordinaire. Sure, it was good... but we had been waiting since 8:45pm or so... ah litta late! By that time we...ok, I...was pooped (and more important really, starving!). By the time the pre-finale (really, pre-finale? don't make it all great! we thought we were done) was finished, the entire field of off-road vehicles (not) had stuffed their children in the backseats and were off! Suburbia rocks!

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