Sunday, July 19, 2009

So ends a week of lovely geekiness. Did you celebrate your inner geek? Really? Shame on you! You missed a prime opportunity to diversify yourself big time--i even posted a website to help you out... a little Star Trek wouldn't have hurt. No, no need to speak Klingon (how about like Yoda?), but i challenge you to stretch your imagination just a bit beyond what you see in front of you every day. After all, where do you think folklore and fairy tales originate? There's a bit of truth in just about everything *hmmm*.

So, Tuesday was my 1 year anniversary with current employer (can you believe they've kept me around that long!?). i often feel like the luckiest girl alive to be working for this great company! My wonderful team celebrated on Tuesday with a Star Wars & World of Warcraft celebration. I walked in to our classroom to Star Wars deco hanging from the ceiling and my very own light saber. WOW commercials and youtube finds played the whole day *whew, cheeks were scorching!*

Ok, so i was really embarrassed... this love of all things sci fi is something i work hard to put away in public. But somehow it's front page news at work and i'm the recipient of not a few jokes about it. So, i'm working hard to not be embarrassed about it. As Mom sagely says, "Others have the same interest as you or it wouldn't be such a huge industry." "As usual, you're right, Mom!" *giggle* Ok, so it's true, but i always imagined an industry full of 15-year olds. Shouldn't we have grown up already? Guess not, so i'll polish up that sword and off i go, in good company with my geek brethren, to fend off evil, defending the right of leaders everywhere to develop into better leaders! Thundercats, Ho!

Oh, and one more finding today... can you believe Hubbie is listening to the Ting Tings!! I mean, really!! He was looking for songs on my playlist to download to the MP3 player in his Jeep (totally spoiled) and I suggested that Ace of Base might be right up his alley *hoot!*.

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