Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Remember that family vacation i mentioned? It's almost here! *woot* We're heading out on Friday to Jacksonville for a week long stay in a beautiful townhouse just across the way from the beach. *sigh... sniff* Can't you just smell the salty sea air? If it's all that and a bag of chips, i'll link it in a future post. Yes, bringing the laptop, so hope to have a few stories.

Oh, and did i mention that there are five (5), did i say 5 (five), of us going? How will we ever get on the same flight to a very popular summer, beach location? Sheesh... my nerves are already shot just trying to plan our route. Can't figure out if i'm more nervous about prepping for class in mid-July or traveling with five (5), get that 5 (five)?, people. Please begin sending prayers to the Big Guy that it works out smoothly. i'm not known for my patience.

And, more fab news... Hubbie started his new job this week! *Yay!* So, i'm all nervous this weekend and can't figure out why... i think i was nervous for him! No need to say it -- what a good wife!

So anxious to find out how his day was, i barage him with questions when we got home Monday. "How was it? How's your desk? Do you have an office? What's your PC like? Are they cool? Where'd you go for lunch? What'd you do today?" What? great questions for a first day! And understandable that i'm excited for him... was he excited? No! Not nervous, not anxious, not excited... just another day. Really - men! So ask me what he did all day? "Oh, I read a book on SQL ./.---.//." (that's techie speak, fyi). "Oh." i'm waiting eagerly to hear how he solved all known problems day one and now is lauded for his techno-expertise company-wide (ok, across all 8 other employees).

And what did he do today? "Read more of that book, did a few practice problems, oh, and I put together two chairs." SERIOUSLY, practice problems!! i want to hear how crazy good fun programming for this company is! Note to self: keep expectations low... it's survival!

Latest lyrical obsession: Killing Me Softly with His Song rendition by the Fugees: video here. Video's not great (quality or content), so ignore, close your eyes and listen. Something in this one makes that little pocket in my heart resonate. Enjoy!

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