Thursday, June 25, 2009

Had dinner with 2 dear friends this evening: BFF and Val. Ate a delicious avocado enchilada and at least my weight in chips. Not my fault! Blue Mesa has dee-lish sweet potato chips and scrumptious salsa!

Talk was mild, work-related, and good. Then we started talking about potential sweethearts of one said dear friend, and wow, the quality of our convo went down hill from there! Really, it had to be the totally cute (shall I say scrumptious, even - pretty sure Tara would agree!) boy serving us the body weight worth of chips. The boy was bee-u-tif-ul! If i weren't married to a marvelous man, i would have tucked him in my pocket, taken him home and added him to my Gerard Butler collection! No really, would have totally done it for Tara. Just like i'm totally committed to contacting Gerard on her behalf if she would just take me seriously.

Tara: Just as he's walking away from refilling our waters... again... "Rawr! Cougar on the prowl!" ROFL!
"Seriously!" i'm abashed!
But, flirty, flirty... "No that's the lushes' bill" nudge, nudge. Hilarious!
So he says, "How about a tequila shot?" Guffaw!
"No, really, I'm fine," she replies. Hmmm... tempting! Um, he would so fit in her pocket!

On the way out he's like, "the tequila's on tap, right over there... sure you don't want to try a shot? I'll have two with you." No way! Yes way! She totally should have left her number on the receipt! Tara, i will never discourage you again!

On a totally separte, random and odd note:
Discovered a new holiday today that i'm all about: "Embrace Your Geekiness Day," July 13. How cool is that!! Right up my alley. So i come across a website on best practices in embracing your geekiness (like i need help). Check it out, and scope in on #6. Someone else wants a pair of fairy wings! Me too! Make it so! There's only one additional body part that i would like more (no, get your mind out of the gutter! -- totally clean)! Not telling - you must guess.

How's this for geek? New favorite shirt. Love it! Laugh if you will (*cough* Tara), but be proud... learning to be ok with the inner geek!

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