Monday, June 15, 2009

Correction to my last post:
BFF was in St. Lucia... my bad! St. Croix - St. Lucia - whatever, both beautiful, both lush, both with spa treatements and pineapple hats. Nonetheless, very glad to have her home, but so glad she had a marvy time!

i *heart* my family... we've decided on a family vacation to Jacksonville in a couple of weeks. So i'm thinking, work stuff going on, out of town this weekend - hey! i'll ask Mom to help with accommodations research. Brilliant, if i do say so myself. Must have learned those delegation skills from the Chief, cuz Mel called me to let me know she's now researching accommodation options *snicker* - effective delegation, Mom!

And to all my dear Friends who think i'm a kooky vegan, check out this recipe on a fab blog for vegan brethren who are always on a diet, like myself: Fat Free Vegan
Looks divine! eat your heart out egg eaters!

And one last bit of random to tickle your neurons. i've been on this must learn more about Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci kick lately (yeah, i don't know why i get on these kicks - think of it as "interesting"). The idea of being a Renaissance-type person is fascinating. The official term is "polymath." Yes, sounds all math-y and intimidating. Don't be lazy - look it up. Want to be one, but really, don't have such mad skillz and can i express how much i abhor math and the periodic table. Love oxygen, but don't want to calculate it! Maybe i should start those piano lessons... hmm....

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