Thursday, June 4, 2009

i have been remiss, my loyal constituents... all 3 of you! Bless each one of you!

My stories fall short this week. Alas, no new drama to share with you. i'm feeling better *thank you, JC!* and work has been busy. But we do have weekend plans - don't laugh! And Hubbie initiated them... although, he suggested that he won't be offended if i don't go... should i be offended?

The Hubbie invited me to join him for a crawfish boil *guffaw* (excellent joke for the vegan!) on Saturday with his new work team. Did you read that... new work team. He told me i have to behave! "Whatever could you mean?" i asked quite innocently this morning. "You can't be mean." he replies. "Seriously, i am not mean!" "Uh, yeah you are, especially with that sarcasm - it's mean." Really! The nerve!

So i'm trying to figure out what to bring to a new work crew crawfish boil *gag.* i've been asking my socially adjusted friends what to bring. i was convinced homemade cookies were appropriate, but i'm learning beer is a better option. Beer and cookies? Could be a winning mix *chuckle*! A friend at work suggested i hollow out a watermelon, cut in those cute jaggedy edges and fill it in with freshly diced fruits. Right... not to mention that it borders on cooking and on a Saturday morning *again, gag*, but it's setting expectations really high for future get-togethers. i'm all for setting the bar low, then overshooting. Plus, do i want to be known as the couple who brought the fruity watermelon? Hmm.... So, we're back to beer and cookies. Any thoughts?

And here's some great RaNDomnEss:
As you likely know, i have an affinity for freaky things. Here's a good representation of that joy:

TGIF - almost!

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