Monday, June 8, 2009

Am so happy to report that my scrappin' bug has returned and i've finished 4 layouts in the last couple of weeks. Shhh... doesn't sound like alot, but when you're a picky, slow, perfectionist, it's a dash! ahhh... feels great to be creative!

Also, started reading The Purpose Driven Life a few days ago. seems like i'm continually searching for the "why" behind life - mine in particular. as you know me, i don't sit still for very long. all fine and good, but i long for my busy-ness to have a purpose -- to contribute to some greater good.

i'm hoping this book will provide some direction to my prayers. already causing deep reflection. The question to consider yesterday was "Since i was made to last forever, what is the one thing i should stop doing and the one thing i should start doing today?" Wow! Seriously. Caused some good mulling in this here brain of mine.

Stop came pretty quickly, as i've been working on it (not as successfully as i'd like to report) -- judging. Example: Hubbie and i are watching a History channel show and i report in my uppity fashion that i can't take it seriously due to the host. "You're really opinionated sometimes, aren't you," Hubbie states. Wow - that was humbling. Yeah, i am, and it must really show. Even my boss at work laughed the other day when i was kidding about being a "yes" man. "You are definitely neither of those!" she laughed.

So, i shall try to stop judging -- yes, even when driving! i'm a prideful soul.

What to start doing? That's harder? Yes, i should start working out, drinking less cokes, blah, blah. But, really... what? Hopefully JC helps make this clear... oooo, careful what you ask for!

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