Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have you heard? Kings of Leon ("Who," you ask? THE bestest band out these days! Sheesh... keep UP!) is coming to Dallas! *sigh*

"Hey, did you hear that Kings of Leon is coming to town?" Hubbie informed.
"I did see that. You wanna go?" i ask hopefully (wow, a "date!").
"Uh... it's not close-by is it?" was the reply.
"Uh, no, it's at the American Airlines center. That's in town, you know."
His witty remark: "I only support local business." Seriously!

Other news: missing my BFF. Hope she's blissful and totally relaxed in St. Croix (so jealous). i bet she only wants to eat fresh fruit for the next week. Betcha she buys a mound of fresh fruit at Sprouts and wears a pineapple hat!

Oh, and still working on that "judgment" business. Not realizing much success. The hairdresser is a fantastic place to tests my no-judgment policy. Tonight as i was sitting in the hot seat, i failed the test on at least two occasions. But really, most women 50+ (at least those who really look it) should not wear long, blond hair with straight bangs. Neon pink toe and fingernail polish -- ok in the summer, but really, let's age elegantly ladies! Laying out in the sun, creating a leather-like fleshie color with wrinkles and bleached-blond hair is not the ticket to cougar success! Oh my... see what i mean?

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