Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tara and I met Jen Lancaster, one of our fav authors, last night at a book signing for her new release, Pretty in Plaid. Very excited to start this new adventure (a fresh, new book is such an adventure, don't you agree?)! Particularly love Jen's story power and reminiscing. She's a hoot and I so easily identify with her experiences. And she's super cool in person too - double whammy! I mean really, how often does one have the opportunity to meet a big-time author?! Not every Monday, I tell you!

Wow, Tara and I have really had a very busy social calendar lately... Kenny, Foreigner, book signings, weekday dinners. I can remember not too long ago when my social life was d-e-a-d. Luv my BFF, Tara! Sometimes I really have no idea how she puts up with my oddball, random comments or introverted (ok, nerdy) tendencies? We're so different, but became such kindred spirits in no time. She's got a big heart and I'm super blessed, I guess. :)

So, because of busy schedules, I'm pleased to be home tonight. I'm working (ok - and blogging), but I'm home. "Impressive. Such dedication," you think. Indeed. No really, I can not tell a lie. I came home a bit early to focus on a "Leading Change" workshop and decided to boldly go where no working professional is supposed to go during working hours. I made a pit stop at the movie theater to see Star Trek... seriously, it was impairing my networking capabilities, cuz everyone (yes, everyone) has seen it and I couldn't contribute. So it was indeed a business necessity! It was fabulous - great casting, fantastical effects, interesting plot twist to make it a viable re-make. Good stuff! And I saw it in a digital theater on a 4-story screen with uber surround sound. Have I said how good it was? Excellent investment in my water cooler networking.

Live long and prosper, my friends...

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