Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm pleased to report that Friday exceeded expectations with a full day of spotty sun.

I am also pleased to report that Foreigner can still ROCK OUT! Their hair is the proper length, if not a tad receded, and they still have all the guitar, drum and vocals moves to entertain.

"Do you think they really get into those moves and think they're cool, or are they an act?" I ask philisophically during "It Feels Like the First Time"... *ooo like the very first time - duh duh*
"Haven't you seen RockStar? It's totally an act." Tara sagely replies.
I'm thinking, "I don't know, it's so corny and they still do it... I think, they think that we think it's cool. So they're thinking (yes, there was much thinking happening last night!) let's do full arm guitar swings and more of that cool drumstick twirling."
I miss that old school entertainment during a show (and I've been to sooo many shows lately... right)... they even obliged us with solos from each band member. These days it's either a full-on Britney circus or let's play hard for two hours, no talking and exit. Loved that in my Kings of Leon, but maybe a few head bangs and a little drumstick twirling wouldn't have been remiss.

And my regards to the two nerdy fellows in front of us who kept up with every beat played and had the best head bobs in the audience. You were as entertaining as Foreigner hands down.

And my last reflection for the day, Happy Mother's Day, Mom! You are a Superstar amongst moms and the best friend a girl could have!

I love that you taught us to love music and books and movies and all the other quirky things Mel and I enjoy. I remember such fun growing up and am blessed in so many ways to be your daughter. Let's laugh and talk and commiserate and laugh and talk some more, and enjoy that we are a family. Love you so much!

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