Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ok, so likely no big surprise to you my Friends, i decided that real food was in order today. For dinner we had tasty Which Wiches. As much as i try, cooking just isn't my thing... (Prayer: God please, please, please infuse my spirit with just a touch of domesticity *hands clasped reverently.*)

Love me some Which Wich! And let me tell you, i feel better!! Really, Kathy Freston should NOT lightly encourage folks to fast! "Oh, you'll feel so much better. And don't focus on perfection. Just enjoy and envision a healthy you." *pfft* There's so much more to it, and good thing i'd read the Master Cleanse to know that i would likely be uncomfortable. Note to self: one's body gets really out of whack slaking off toxins. Yes, i desire to be wholesome, toxin-free, glowing, et al, but not at the expense of feeling worse. So, my plan: hold off on sugar, processed foods, too much caffeine (as previously noted, holding off on the iv hook) and drink lots, lots, and lots mo' H20 (so good for you!)

Also very excited to have gotten flowers planted this evening. Lovely, pink Zincas all the way. Check me out with my mad gardening skills and hat! (*sshhh* no laughing - keeping up this pasty deathly pallor takes effort!).

Oh, and a new mattress today... sleepin' good times, here i come!

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