Monday, May 25, 2009

Headline Alert: Are yuppies becoming wimpy? In Frisco today a local yuppie woman keeled over dead due to what her husband described as piercing pain in her bladder-area

So, decided since i've been feeling so crummy lately that i would try a "healthy" fast from sugar, caffeine and gluten -- i know, shoot me now. i'm thinking maybe this laying off gluten thing has some merit for those of us with auto-immune issues. And caffeine, which is definitely the elixir of the gods, can't be great for you in mass quantities (hook me up to a caffeine IV and i'll work all day quantities). And sugar, well, i love to eat and much of it is convenience food full of sugar. And, have i mentioned that i've gained 7 lbs back -- disgraceful. So here i am fasting and fidgeting.

Today is day 2. Hung out with BFF, Tara, shopping, which was grand, but felt off kilter most of the day. Could it have been the allergy, migraine(with caffeine) and auto-immune meds and half a cup of green tea (I know, slipped already!). Surely not! It's surely my body detoxing the evil, debilitating chemicals in all of the foods i inhale. Likely you are chuckling, Friends, and asking yourself "Being a vegan, what can she eat?" Did you know that Oreo's are vegan? Indeed. Buying the Newman-O organic version does not mean they are fat or calorie free. Note to self.

About 6pm i began experience odd, painful, burning spasms in my bladder area. You are WOMAN - "ignore them," i scold myself. Go outside and work in the yard, fix dinner, work on laundry, stand huddled over my middle section in hubbie's office. No really, i'll be fine. Laundry, clean kitchen, whimper. "Let me drive you to Target and you can run in for Cranberry juice." Hubbie offers. Okay, awesome Hubbie... off we go. It's 10:25pm and after chugging the bottle of sweet, nectary cranapple and more water, still PAIN! i keep telling myself it's what happens when you detox. right...

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