Thursday, May 7, 2009

After at least a week and a half of gloomy, overcast days, I'm happy to report that I witnessed two whole rays of sunshine on the drive home. Two whole rays! A broad smile swept my face and if I had not been vying for my rightful place on the Dallas autobahn, ie I was merging (and so very safely and slowly of course, Mom *ehem*), I would have thrown out my arms and run directly in to them. I didn't even have time to stick my head out the window to catch a partial ray, they were gone so quickly. Welcome back, Dreary... really, it's enough... you're wearing your welcome thin... even pasty girl is TIRED of this!

Maybe this is a plot from the local tanning salons to increase business. They can be tricky... I know... I interviewed with a locally owned chain during my last (hopefully, forever - last) bout of unemployment. Yes, really. No snickering! They called me, I didn't call them! I'm surprised the recruiter didn't show me the door upon witnessing my pale visage. Maybe they envisioned I would be a successful, pale turned beautiful success story. Would take a lot more than a tan to help this chic, guys. I can't relate that I was disappointed (ok, I was ROFL) after the quaint tour and assurance that I would soon be a pleasant toasty color, that they indicated I wasn't what they were looking for. Hmmm.... the salary requirements or the "pale as death" skin tone? I'd like to think the salary requirement, but... I don't kid myself.

So, I should love this weather - fits my "I'm looking for the biggest hat you have" mentality, but it really makes me want to throw a fit... a big, selfish, yelly one! Any target will do... any volunteers?

Friday! I'm expecting better weather conditions from you!

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Crisco said...

I woke up this morning to find that my daughter has joined the blogisphere and can write a pretty good ditty. Looks like rain and the dreary weather has not left.