Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do you ever have a Tuesday that really feels like a Monday? Traffic felt like a Monday, lack of motivation felt like a Monday, meetings felt like a Monday, got nothing much accomplished like a Monday, had errands that kept me out late like most Mondays.. must be this overcast, dreary weather. So ready for some sunshine. I'd let this pasty skin soak up every ray it could get.

So a brighter topic then? Hmmm... music... always a good one.

Picked up the Depeche Mode (my fav, of all favs! - at least lately) album today. Not sure about it. I mean, pain and suffering is swell, but this seems more gloomy and off than normal. I'll blame the weather and keep listening. On another note, checked out the Austin City Limits festival line-up. Very nice. But... the 3-day passes are already sold out... really... this is Monday! *argh*

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