Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Hey Bon, do you want to see Kenny Chesney on Saturday?"
"Sure. Sounds fun. Do you know any of his songs?"
"A few. He's got some good stuff on the radio."
"Ah, and you're a pro now that you've liked country for what, 2 months?"

And so Tara and I don our "country" best, pack a poncho (well, Tara did - so smart!), and catch a ride from the hubbie to the venue. Honestly - he's so great to agree to drop us off and pick us up.

It'll be fun - a grand adventure. We'll likely get a little wet, but it's so a chance to wear my red cowboy hat! Woohoo!

Off we go, giggling like girls. Oh, we can't take in our umbrellas... seriously... um, ok. Bye, cute, polka-dotted Target umbrella. I'm sure you'll be swiped. But, no problem, I'm tough... I can handle the rain through my red, *straw* but fabulous cowboy hat!

Our seats are as far from the stage as possible... even the trons look small. But we're happy and tapping our feet to songs we wish we knew.

"Beer - I want one," so says Tara. Off we go to explore and get a beer. Such great people watching. We scheme to find better seats and when Kenny comes on... we're having a ball. Then the rain starts in earnest and we're washed out. Amazing how you go from happy and singing along (to made up words cuz you really don't know the words) to "I'm miserable and it's time to go." It's also amazing how many people fit into the bathroom entry and how mean and angry girls get when they're wet.

So we call the hubbie and he ventures out to pick us up... but all roads to the park are barricaded and we have to walk forever to get to a main road. Sheesh... but it's good... we're on an adventure and we'll for sure laugh about this later. I wasn't sure it was possible to get wetter, but it is. 30 minutes later we're really not having an adventure... "Just drive over the barricade honey, ram the guy in front of you, WE'RE FRICKIN' MISERABLE! Oh you're here! You're the greatest for picking us up!"

The best feeling is peeling off your cold (how did we get to 57 degrees from 80 this morning?), wet clothes and putting on warm, dry jammies. But not before a good hoot at seeing my face with mascara smeared to my temples and medusa hair (cute, red, wet cowboy hats do not make for cute, bee-u-ti-ful hair when the hat is gone). Wow, we really will laugh about this in, like, a month maybe.

Oh, and Kenny, I promise to listen to more of your tunes before the next concert!


valerie said...

HI Bon,

You only have one week to learn the songs...he is coming back on May 17 to make up the concert for you and Tara... Hope to read your next blog...

Bonnie said...

Hmmm.... That's a Sunday, huh? My cute red cowboy hat is squashed *stoopid rain*, and I have to work on Monday, but maybe we'll give him a second chance to better control the weather!