Monday, September 5, 2011

You know, you just can't be prepared too far in advance for something as important as....

So Tara ((double parentheses. be afraid. her shocking idea when we viewed the previews--that make a movie 210 minutes versus the 160 advertised minutes--before The Help--a very, very good film--who i just learned this evening (thanks to Tara's handy iPad) has a character in common with the Twilight series--you'll just have to google it)) suggested a Twilight movie night.  Yeowsers!  Of course we need one of those, and so handy that it's a three-day weekend next week!

As such, tonight we watched Twilight & Eclipse.  And the important question of the evening, as discussed over dinner between the shows, was:

Tara is currently Team Jacob and i'm still an Edward fan (not cuz of movie Edward, but because of book Edward--two very different characters).  Hubbie thinks they are equally whiney.  He was not watching this evening, but offered his two cents over dinner (which i cooked and it was fabulous--all parties agreed!)

Which are you?

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