Monday, September 5, 2011

i heart Christopher Walken and i heart Fatboy Slim, so of course, this video of Walken tap dancing to  Weapon of Choice is a winner in my books.

Speaking of books, here's the summer reading pic for Library E:
at least what i remember (i know, i'm working on that gingko biloba).

My fav was The Help.  And such a great movie too.  Jane, i heart you, but Mansfield Park wasn't my fav tale of yours.  i would've liked Fanny to have been a stronger character like the Dashwoods or Lizzy Bennett.  But she did stick with her convictions.  And JR Ward, well, she's just a fun trashy, vampire read.  This was the newest in her popular series and a good one for the summer trip (caution:  not a read for those preferring a light-hearted, romantic story).  Been meaning to read Interview with the Vampire for ages.  This is another not for the faint of heart.  Vampire psycho-babble:  check.  And... checking off a book from the 1001 list!  i'll have to try another Ann Rice to determine if i'm a fan.  Neutral at this point.  True to summer, only one business book.  It's Your Ship is a fine book for leadership basics, and a fairly fast read.  Captain Abrashoff spoke at our Leadership Summit this year.  His speech summarized the concepts in the book, but was a hit with our folks.  The rest were, well, they were get yer mind off things, but nothing notable.  A couple were cheapies for the Kindle.

Just picked up Games of Thrones.  50 pages in.  So far so good.  i've been waffling on which biz book i want to pick up next.  Got quite a few to choose from.  Stay tuned...

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