Monday, August 8, 2011

A little background music...

As you know, i'm a serious, sad sap for all things Beauty & the Beast (i know, really).  Love... true love, no matter the vessel, plucks lightly on my silly romantic heartstrings and sets them to thrumming *sigh.*

So, i was pretty excited when i realized i had a Netflix waiting for me at the good 'ol PO Box this evening (yet something else to add to the "to do list" -- watch all my Netflix flicks that aren't streamable -- but let's not deliberate this one -- i feel about that much like i do construction on the Tollway -- it's not pretty folks -- much better to contemplate love -- have i *sigh*ed already?).  It was Beastly!  Teeny flick yes!  But if it's B&B i'm gonna watch it.  And you know what, it wasn't too bad.

(Low expectations often beget decent filmage).

And holy moly!  There's a book too!  Yes, it's for 10 year olds.  But i'm so there.

Odd, but i can't locate a site for other B&Bphiles.  Every other topic, but not this one.  Hmmm.... odd.

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