Sunday, July 3, 2011

So, i know that you know, that i'm just a wee bit (ok, more than a wee bit) odd.  But i'm discovering folks out there that may be more obsessed about all the cool stuff that i'm obsessed about.  Wow, the world wide interweb is cool.  That's were i find these gems!

i've recently discovered a circle of sites focused just on the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  My goodness.  And they've got some cool things to share.  Like:

My Outlander Purgatory
Outlandish Observations
Outlander Movie

And these ladies talk about nothing else than the scrumptious Jamie Frasier and if there will be an Outlander movie *squeeeee*.

GB in Beowulf
Both great topics, but there are other things to obsess about, too, Ladies.  Like, i don't know, Yoda, vampires, JBJ (for you Tar), you know, the norm.

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Smile*Celebrate*Love said...

Bon--as long as there are people that are more obsessed than us then our little "guilty pleasures" are JBJ and friends! Right???