Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sadly, today ends my 5-day staycation cruise.  It was a lovely cruise, with fine ports of call that i chose to ignore to hang about the ship, taking advantage of the sights and activities made available by the cruise director--namely eating, reading, watching the picture show, sleeping and arts and crafts.  Yes, there were other old people on this ship too.

A dashboard of the event:

  • Books read:  2 (Well, almost two full ones.  i know--it's shocking--only two.  And nothing on my dreaded list and nothing for business--pure trash.)
  • Movies watched:  7  (The ship has a delightful theater on board.)
  • Loads of laundry completed:  1.5 (Laundry is the bane of my existence.  i took a vacation from laundry while aboard ship; unhappily it waited for me *growl*.)
  • Rooms spring cleaned:  1 (and it was a very, very small room)
  • Anniversaries celebrated:  1 (Happy 14th, sweet Hubbie!)
  • Hours slept per night:  At least 8.  And it was very nice.
  • Times slept past 9am:  Hmmm, maybe 2 -- 1 for sure
  • Spa treatments:  2 *ahhhhh*
  • Pints of "ice cream" consumed:  2.25 (no guilt)
  • Bags of tortilla chips and jars of salsa consumed:  2 each
  • Pounds gained:  At least 5
  • Pictures taken:  31 and all at the Dallas Arboretum
  • Times Twitter checked/updated:  1 (but only to post when our initial vacay plans were foiled)
  • Emails checked:  Yes.  Daily, but sheesh can't help it.
  • Meals cooked:  1 dinner + 1 breakfast (seriously, i was on a cruise.  But i cleaned the kitchen at least 3 times.)
  • Scrapbook layouts completed:  2 (Scrapfest just wasn't working out on this cruise.)
  • Tasty beverages consumed:  1.75 (Did you know Chuy's has fine margaritas and that shopping at Target afterwards is much more enjoyable after 1.75 margaritas?)
  • Castles toured:  3 (They were rather small and closely located, so travel time between them wasn't an issue.)
Touring Beauty's Castle at Dallas Arboretum
Back to reality *waves longingly as the ship pulls out of the harbor.*  i was royalty once.

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