Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did you know that there's to a new Wonder Woman show in the works!?!  Woohoo!  i hearted WW big time growing up...

Takin' out criminals... 1978ish.
Hey! Did you have a magic lasso? i thought not!
Such a fly costume (don't be hatin').  Mom made that.  She's got mad sewing skillz.  Please note that i did not break the pole to my canopy bed while wearing this costume.  i was undercover--in plain clothes.

i'll be checking out the new show, but not sure how to feel about the new costume.  i'm a stickler on staying true to form on these kinds of things (yes, i know... i'm not kind to rules.  Consider it a quirk).
Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman
We'll see about this impostor!
Anywhoo... too much fun re-living fun WW adventures!

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