Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back from NYC with the BFF, and knee deep in work! It's so true that work waits for you... it even piles up in the corners of the office and outside the door. i even found some hiding underneath my desk and in the little fridge behind well-meaning, healthy snacks that never gotten eaten.

NYC is a magical place and it was great seeing it with Tara, who knew just where to go. We covered all the basics and got to visit some out of the way spots too! i'm now sporting a couple of new pairs of vegan shoes!

There's much to share about this fab trip, thanks for asking, but not all in one post. For now, a few highlights:

  • Lady Liberty rocks! So very inspiring and humbling.
  • Central Park is incredible, and we saw only a 1/4 of it.
  • Art is best ingested in small doses. 3 hours isn't long enough to appreciate all the art at the Met.
  • Italian knights were midgets compared to their gigantic German friends.
  • Ess-a-bagel has many flavors of soy cream cheese. Try them all!
  • Rock of Ages also rocks. See it!
  • Honking is great in NYC, not so much in DFW.
  • The subway is color-coded and digit-coded. Woe to the color-blind, digit-blind and blondes like me who can't get it straight.
  • Toast to the number 6! 46th street where i thought we were staying; gate 16 which i thought was our outbound destination. "Um, no, Bon, it's 49th street." "We're looking for gate 14, not 16." "Right, thanks Tar." *chuckle*
  • It's important to not look/act like the gay, European gents taking pictures of each other in front of Central Park sites. Remember that, Tear Bear.
  • A vegan cupcake, cookie and fully loaded, very large cookie are not good bedtime snacks.
  • The Marriott beds at our hotel on 46th, *shoot*, 49th street are heavenly.
Oh, and when you see Tara ask her about her travel etiquette that she would have liked to have shared with several travelers we encountered during our adventure. Good stuff about practically sharing a seat with a funny little man and a soccer mom whose voice carries, i mean really carries.

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