Sunday, September 20, 2009

i had the privilege of sitting not 150 feet from President George W at a luncheon on Friday afteroon. i was honored with an invitation to join 9 others from my fine company to attend a "Conversation with a Living Legend." In this case, the legend was First Lady Laura Bush; W happened to introduce her. Let me assure you, i was on my best behavior. i had even begged a nice blouse for my boring black suit from my trusty BFF - crinkly red fabric with flouncy, flouncy collar and sleeves. Got lots of complements, but sheesh, how does she take the fancy? i wanted to slither out of it all day and into some faithful old cotton.

Tara advised me not to throw my shoes or anything, and i played it low key, as i didn't want to be noticed for differences of opinion. Again, shocked as you may be, i was polite, followed proper dining etiquette, stood and clapped at all the right times. It was a lovely lunch, in spite of the cheesy grits and beef & shrimp skewers. i confess to eating most of the pecan pie, although it contained at least 3 baby chickens and 2 sticks of butter per slice. i felt the proper conservative through and through. Although next year, if i'm invited again, i'll have to don a proper plaid, wool suit - you know the kind with no collar and military looking braid - oh, and wear a silver wig -blonde was definitely not the going color at this shindig.

It was a pleasure, and i'm humbled to have been invited to the luncheon. When i arrived i realized the 9 other Employees were VPs. Seriously had to be on good behavior - thank goodness for the dining etiquette class this year!

Experiences like these also encourage me to look inside myself for why i believe as i do. i'm not a fan of President W, but i do believe that God's in control. What i walked away with from this luncheon were not any words of wisdom from Mrs. Bush, but a realization that both she and her husband are simple (in a good way) people, who appreciate and enjoy simple pleasures - tasty lunches, baseball, landscaping, reading, etc. i expect presidents to be charismatic, innovative, engaging, intellectual, forward-thinking -- some of which i see in our current president and noted in other presidents throughout our history. i didn't expect to see simple, nor do i think that's what the office calls for. But that's what this family is all about. And sure, it's just fine, but still not agreeing with the decisions he / they made. It is interesting to have a different perspective though - always appreciate that.

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