Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow! So long since i lasted posted. Low on amusing stories to share with my constituents *snicker, snicker* "is you or isn't you my constituents?" Name that line!

Have had a few adventures though... helped open the Boston location for my most fabulous place of employment. Really, it was awesome. Went with my team as a team building event. We had a blast! Dancing, painting in a mural for a local elementary school, serving coffee for customers - uh, i was up before the sun was... can you believe it! If i can finagle pictures, i'll post a few. ;) Oh yeah, and working... alot!

So, is that why i can't get an old, heinous boss out of my head. i swear this person is haunting me! i have worked so very hard to forgive, appreciate the lessons and move on.... but here i am, harmlessly making my way (ok, harmlessly, but speedily) to work and this person pops into my mind. Right, need to pray and send this person positive vibes for a healthy, happy life. Check. Genuinely wishing you all the best. Oh my gosh, is that the car? Whew - dodged. WHAT!? What am i dodging? No more power do you have over me! i am strong, confident, a valuable asset because of what i learned from you. Leave me be! Seriously it's madness!

So then i learn today (during dinner, where again i ate my wait in mexican food, with my lovely BFF -- hear that boys! She's lovely, a professional and talented! Quite a dish! Though i'm still holding out for Gerard) that folks are still talking about this person. Really people!! Let the haunting end. Let's move on! *i am woman, hear me roar!*

Oh, and people... do your Star Wars, Indiana Jones and whatnot homework... it feels downright un-American to learn that folks have not seen Star Wars. You can NOT have your apple pie until you have watched at least the last three Star Wars movies (that's the first three created, but the last three in the serious... keep up!) So my team replied after i had a verbal fit because they had not seen Star Wars, "Ok, we'll try." Seriously! "There is no try, there is only do" as one short, wise Yoda once said.

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