Monday, August 31, 2009

As my sister likes to call them, i have finally discovered a "guilty pleasure." That's what Mel calls celebrities that no one can believe you find attractive / fascinating / whatever. If you know Mel, totally ask her about one of hers - hilarious! *lol'ing as i sit here*

So, as i mentioned, i've just discovered my first: David Gahan, lead for Depeche Mode. Is he pocket worthy? Not sure about that, but he can seranade me all day if he likes. *giggle*


"Hey Tara, do you want to see Depeche Mode with me in August? i'm soooo excited, i just love Depeche Mode and missed them last time they were here, and gosh, really, we should go."
"Uh, who, Bon?"
"Well, they're kinda like Kenny Chesney" (no, just kidding, didn't say that).

i'm not deterred and round up a gaggle of suckers, uh, co-workers, who think it would be fun to go. i've had tickets purchased since mid-April. Really, i'm the sucker! Cuz as Tara (work Tara) assures me, "Bonnie, really, it's not going to be full. There will be plenty of seats on the lawn. It's Depeche Mode. No one even knows who that is." *gasp* blasphemy!

Yeah, it was full to the brim! Folks in all shapes, sizes, ages, with and without bras, black eyeliner and pot. Just saying, boy did i have the munchies when we left. The chicks to our right lit up immediately, then took a nap through the whole concert. *sheesh*

We arrived just in time to mooch the space my boss (yes, i'm the luckiest!) saved for us. Can't say i'm a big fan of their new album (sorry David. maybe it will grow on me -- maybe i need a personal concert, just a suggestion) so it got started a bit slow. And can i confess that i like my concerts really loud - ears ringing two days later loud. And on the lawn you just don't get those acoustics. i'm especially fond of the strong, ringing bass in these marvelous dirges of pain and suffering. *snicker*

But it got better and better (minus the version of one of my favs that they tried slow and accoustical. Pardon me, Mr. Gore, let's stick with the electronica that we love so much!). They played all my favs, so i'm content. Good times.

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