Monday, September 17, 2012

Definitely summer vacay reading -- vampires, werewolves and tattoos, oh my!  And only one book club meeting, so very little redeeming fiction.  But must say, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet was a great one.  Highly recommended.  And loved spending time with Jamie of the Jamie & Claire family.  Not my fave Diana Gabaldon, but it's like spending time with an old acquaintance.

So far for fall, working on two non-fiction books, which are slow, but hopeful, and a good old fashioned sci fi.  And still contemplating the 3rd in the Games of Thrones series... it's just so depressing.  Keep thinking something good's gonna happen, but nope.  So, it'll stay on the back burner for a while.  Progress on my 1001 books to read before i die:  0%.  They stare at me and i stare back.  i stack them on my bedside table, hoping to generate interest, but "boring" they say, "boring."

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