Saturday, September 22, 2012

Buffy, oh Buffy.  You've had a hard year.

i (almost) cried (ok, so it was just a little eye moisture) when you lost Angel the first time, then again when you drove the blessed blade through his stomach.  Not saying he didn't deserve it, but oh, sweet, terrible love.  How awful to kill him just when he'd gotten his soul back.  Oh, how the twisting, agonizing plots of the teenage years tear you up.  Cuz that's the kind of stuff i was facing when i was 17 -- where should i volunteer to improve my high school resume? will i finally make it into the National Honor Society? will the band director ever stop glaring at me for dropping out to focus on getting a life?

Angelus, you're just so evil and sometimes cute.  Spike, i hope you're back next season, cuz you're fun.  Never expected to be hooked on Buffy, especially since i used to think it was beneath my TV attention... did we even have a TV when Buff was popular?

Well, i'm looking forward to season 3... more brooding close-ups of Buffy's pouty face, the increase in Willow's sassiness, love conflicts, Seth Green, and of course, more vampires!  Let's see what Buff's 18th birthday brings.

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