Sunday, November 27, 2011

i'm just not grateful enough.

wonderful Hubbie, who is just what i need
close, loving, wonderfully quirky family
delightful BFF
amazing job
2 sweet dogs
faithful Coach, Ear, Strong Tower & Savior
warm home and plenty to eat
salary to allow Hubbie to start a new venture

i want to bring this list to mind when i find myself being cranky or prideful this week.

On the way home from church today my BFF mentioned that today, 5 years ago we met as she started a new job at the place where i worked at the time.  As i interviewed her for the position as a fellow training manager, i knew she'd be the perfect fit.  Little did i know i'd be gaining a kindred spirit.
Bon Jovi in MKE - May 2011

Halloween 2011

Phantom of the Opera - Feb 2010

Tara, i am so grateful for you.  You came along just when i needed a friend, and i'm thankful you've let me stick around.  We've had some grand adventures in the last 5 years!

  • Bon Jovi - 3 times in a year -- Dallas, Gulf Shores, Milwaukee
  • Lots of trips - New York, Naples (uh, Florida), Phoenix
  • Scrapbook camp
  • New jobs

*raising my teacup*  Here's to many more!  *gulp* -- wow, that chamomile sets in quickly

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Smile*Celebrate*Love said...

Ahh...thanks Bonnie! You've been a blessing in my life and I'm so grateful for our friendship--here's to many more wonderful adventures!