Saturday, October 16, 2010

24 hours ago i was standing on a beach with my BFF and 34,948 other pushy women and 50 guys watching the age-defying band Bon Jovi perform on the lovely beach in Gulf Shores, AL. Jealous? *hee hee*

It was a marvelous adventure initiated by BFF, Tara.
"Hey Bon, have you read your email?
"Um, no. Haven't opened it yet. What's up?"
Well, i sent you something about an adventure to Gulf Shores, AL to see Bon Jovi in concert. I know we just went, but i got free tickets?"
"Sure, i would," i reply. The mention of an adventure sounds great, and who can turn down free tickets to see a hair band fav?
She speeds up, "They are offering free tickets and I thought you might like to take an adventure to Gulf Shores. Now if you don't want to go, it's fine, but I need to let the fan club know so that they can offer the tickets to someone else."
*cough* "Fan club?" i respond. i'm less curious about a trip to Gulf Shores or how we'll get there than i am about Tara's membership in a JBJ fan club. A fan club. Really? So, much as i don't want to be insensitive, i can't pass up this opportunity to mock her just a little. i mean really, a Bon Jovi fan club. Too much fun!

The adventure was awesome and we met some very, very "interesting" individuals. Personal space meant nothing at this Bon Jovi free-for-all. Women jockeyed for position as close to the stage as possible, because gosh, maybe JBJ will pick them out of the crowd, invite them on stage and propose his undying love. Talk about die hards. After running (huffing) across a football field-length of sand, we staked out maybe 4 feet of space with two old beach towels. That space became smaller and smaller as the Alabama Women's Representative took over our space. This was the one who had hair larger than our standing space, and told all of her new friends how she had been waiting in line since 4:45am and even though a fan club member didn't get her due ticket and waited in line with the commoners. So, she invited her entourage, including her twin sister, to fight their way through the crowd to our space. Hey - we were the VIPs (well, not really, the VIP tent informed me. We just got first right to the cattle run to get the primo spots.), they should have stayed back with the slightly less die hard fans.

Soooo much fun and so many good laughs. More pics coming soon.

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Tara said... name is Tara and I am a Bon Jovi Fan Club Member...I'm a little addicted to this crazy obsession!