Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can't believe it's been more than a month since i've posted. it's been a busy, busy month -- a good one, but a busy one. Hoping September slows down a tad.

i've been thinking about how nerdy i truly am when it comes to the world of literature. So... i'm going to start tracking my reading habits each month. Feels like i've been reading a lot lately... not getting any wiser (likely due to the trashy nature of much of my reading), but enjoying the written word, nonetheless. So here's what i know i've read in August (aging quickly... can't remember if there was another):

Also finished up the last of the vampire series i've been into lately (no, not True Blood, and no i do not watch the show... even i have limits) -- luckily picked up a new one by the same author at the library yesterday about a fallen angel *snicker.* Love, love, love the cheez factor!

Only got in one leadership title and one from "the list" this month *slacker.*

On a side note, i've increased my blog intake (yes, there are some that i keep up with of a serious nature) so i guess that should count for literary input as well. Here's a couple of good ones: Savvy Abby and SouleMama.

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