Thursday, July 22, 2010

Haircuts - an important topic.

i was laughing with my work buddies today about calling Hubbie for (budget) "permission" to make a hair appointment... and i was wondering if i actually would not make one if he replied that i shouldn't. Call for permission = call of politeness and expectation setting. Hmmm... does he know that? Likely.

Hair appointments are just not on Hubbie's list of "must haves." In fact, he informed me not a few minutes ago...

"I've made it a personal goal to not cut my hair until I reach 200 lbs."
"Really? Because not getting a hair cut is such a great motivator?" i ask. "So really, it's just a great excuse to not get your hair cut?"
"Hmph," i reply. "But you declined an invitation to join me at a free evening out with my class last week because you hadn't gotten your hair cut."
"So how much do you have left to lose?" i ask.
"Well, after today's yardwork, i'm at 220," he replied purposefully.
"So.... you're going to not cut your hair for 20 lbs?"
"I'm going to have to get you a barrette to hold back that pompadour growing out the top of your head."
Laughing out loud.
i run my fingers through the hair at the back of his neck. "You know you're growing a tail... just like those kids who used to grow rat's tails when we were young. Can i braid it if it gets long enough?"

So... is it a guy thing to not like to get hair cuts? Is that why Sport Clips is popular -- like those Kidz Cuts places that distract from the fact that you're actually getting a hair cut? Plus, i would not mow the lawn to lose weight. Get the flu maybe, but definitely not conduct a yard working session in 97 - feels like 103 - degree weather.

Library E post:
Finished the Jennifer Fallon trilogy a weekend ago. Great, easy, engaging read. Then decided i would read something discussable with your normal, average, everyday book nerd (you know, those who don't play online video games and discuss the progress of their dps score or trips to ComicCon) - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. No wizards, swords, dashing heroes or damsels in distress, but tattoos are a plus! Kind of a crime/mystery/drama set in Sweden and apparently first written in Swedish. So isn't that fun. *cough, sarcasm*

Started Bridget Jones' Diary, but just not happening yet. i do love me some Jen Lancaster, but just not in the Bridget groove just yet. Thought i'd jump right in, but alas... i mean, she's no Owen Meany. *chuckle* Still think about Owen every now and then, wondering how he would interpret such and such. Good characters live with you for a while.

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Tara said...

You aren't into Bridget??? WHAT?!? How is it possible that we are friends when we are so different from one another? I guess that's what makes us good friends...the differences that we don't understand about one another but love and appreciate.

Oh..and if you need a haircut..get one. Don't forget to take care of yourself. It's the little things that can make a big difference and crazy roots and scraggly hair really doesn't help anyone.